DETERRENCE!! Or Why Randoms Rock

Ever get a traffic ticket? I HAVE and now I ALWAYS USE MY BLINKERS. The threat, possibility or likelihood of getting caught has a different effect. Deterrence works on toddlers, teenagers, terrorists, temporary hires, a telephone repairman, tyrants…You name it.
Random drug testing equals Deterrence. Random testing provides a powerful incentive NOT to abuse drugs. Think about it this way, you have 100 people in your random pool and you want 2 per month tested, you only 24 annually but all 100 have the incentive to not use drugs. This really LEVERAGES your drug testing dollar. Additionally, your random policy provides an excellent EXCUSE to help people resist PEER PRESSURE. Imagine the employee, teenager or the athlete is at a party. There are New and Nasty drugs everywhere. The peer pressure is on. “Try this you’ll feel great.” We have all been there. This party goer can say ” No thanks, we have random drug testing at work and I could get in trouble.” This actually works. I find it inconceivable that so many places do pre-employment testing only. In effect, you are telling the employees that it’s ok to abuse drugs once you’re in the door. In my experience, a relatively modest random program can reap big results.
Randoms are just that. Random. You don’t do a random on someone who just drove a forklift off the loading dock, or someone who left a glass pipe in the work area. Those are reasons for “post-accident” or “probable cause” testing. Randoms mean that ANYONE can be tested during ANY testing event. Even if you were tested the last time, your name could be pulled again and again. Randoms need to be unpredictable and uncertain. Of course, that can be regular and scheduled. The when where and how can be fixed. It’s the WHO that’s unknown. One time I was doing on a 40-man team, five guys at a time. Did one guy five consecutive times! What the odds?
If you have 120 people, and you want them ALL tested over the course of 12 months, that is a different program. 10 randoms per month will not guarantee that all 120 will be tested.
Random programs are totally flexible. You are not locked into some formula where you have to do so many tests per month. Your drug testing company can work with you to put together a program that WORKS for you.
Deterrence, the act of discouraging an action through instilling fear of the consequences.
George Savile, first Marquess of Halifx said, “Men are not hanged for stealing a horse, but that horses may not be stolen.”
Random drug tests deter drug abuse. Think about it, getting caught is a POWERFUL Deterrent.
How much did you enjoy that last time you got caught speeding?
January is a great time to start a random drug testing program!

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