Basically, I am a storyteller…which is a problem when you are in the drug testing business. I can’t tell you any of our fantastic stories. What we do day in day out is strictly confidential. Seriously and totally confidential. Client’s will frequently call asking for their results. We can’t tell them over the phone. Why? We can only release the results to pre-authorized recipients. Results are only released to those persons or entities that are specified before collection occurs. If someone calls in for results, we have no way of verifying over the phone who that person really is. Remember what I am always telling you, “sometimes you have to think like a criminal.”
As I was saying, I am a storyteller, and I would love to tell you actual stories from the business, but I won’t. But what I can do, is tell you why some are reluctant to a drug test.
1. “I don’t want to know.” I call this, “Ignorance is bliss syndrome,” and you know how it ends, badly. Think about it. Do you really not want to know that your employees are impaired when they are talking to your clients, operating your equipment, making decisions for you, representing you, or spending your money? Or flip the situation, and put yourself as the consumer. Do you want vendors coming to your home or business impaired? Do you want that sales associate, cashier, office worker, nurse, pharmacist, plumber, electrician or mechanic impaired while they are working for you, the consumer?
2. “It’s expensive.” Really? Typically, a 5-panel urine is less than $40. In today’s business environment, that is practically free. Additionally, some time is lost when you send people in. This is one reason some companies like ours will come onsite. This lowers the total cost to the employer because of less employee downtime.
3. “We have never had a problem, let’s wait.” Waiting for the train wreck, that’s certainly not your business strategy. Are you going to be proactive or reactive? You will be one or the other. I want you to think of drug testing as preventative maintenance. Do you wait until one of your bald tires goes flat before you get new tires? When you finally notice that you have a drug abuse issue, it’s a thousand times worse than a simple flat tire.
4. “I can do the testing myself.” Do you want to be liable for the results? How are you going to explain false positives or false negatives? Are you up to date on the latest tests and tricks? Can you do anything besides a simple dipstick test in a urine cup? Do you hire professionals for other areas of your business, or do you do everything yourself?
5. “Write in your own excuse here.” See how it looks on paper. Now, look at how unprofessional, unexplained, pathetic and lazy it looks. Now, imagine how you feel and look when “IT” hits the fan.
The slogan of my alma mater is, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” In addition to the spiritual implications, there is a very practical application. We want you to know the truth about your employees, associates, vendors, staff and family members.
Do us all a favor and start your drug testing program today.

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